Brouilly Château des Tours

Château des Tours
Items Number: 7104

Winemaking at this 50 hectare (125 acres) estate dates back to the feudal era in 1153. The Richard family devotes its property entirely to making estate-bottled Brouilly cru.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Coteaux Bourguignon

Domaines Dominique Piron
Coteaux Bourguignons
Items Number: 7106

This wine is aromatic on the nose and very smooth and supple on the palate. It can pair easily with lots of different foods of the world! Very friendly wine for aperitif, for casual lunch or dinner, this is not a complicated wine to pair. Drink it fresh, it's even better.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Beaujolais Villages

Domaines Dominique Piron
Beaujolais Villages
Items Number: 7107

The Gamay which grows in Beaujolais Villages area, has characteristic aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant and a nice structure and elegant complexity. Quite fresh, it is nice wine to drink with appetizer. Natueally fine and soft, the wine can pair very well with fine food even spicy, fishes, poultry and for sure, with the best friend of Gamay grape: pork!


Domaines Dominique Piron - Beaujolais Blanc

Domaines Dominique Piron
Beaujolais Blanc
Items Number: 7108

White Beaujolais has characteristic floral and fruity aromas (pear, tropical fruits...). This wine is well balanced, fat but with good lenght because of his vivacity. Minerality and structure are balanced. Ideal for aperitif, it could also p[air well with soft and fine meals, fishes, asian food like sushis or soft currys.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Morgon "La Chanaise"

Domaines Dominique Piron
Items Number: 7109

Morgon is a wine of character and fruit, full of complexity and in the same time, very easy and fresh for drinking with most of the foods all over the world. It matches quite well with white meat as veal, chicken and cheeses.